Os pensamentos mais profundos do chuveiro no Reddit esta semana

"Tetris é vida. Erros se acumulam e conquistas desaparecem."

FILE - In this June 1990 file photo, Tetris, an addictive brain-teasing video game, is shown as played on the Nintendo Entertainment System in New York. From the simple “pings” of the ground-breaking “Pong” in 1972, video game music has come of age, with its own culture, sub-cultures and fans. This weekend, June 17-18, 2017, audiences will pack the Philharmonie de Paris' concert hall to soak in the sounds of orchestras performing video game music and wallow in the nostalgia of hours spent with a Game Boy, Sonic the Hedgehog and the evergreen Mario. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

O chuveiro não é apenas um lugar para cantar. Separados de nossos celulares, ficar de pé sob água corrente geralmente permite que as mentes das pessoas corram livremente.

O Reddit tem um subreddit inteiro de “Shower Thoughts” dedicado às “epifanias em miniatura que você tem que destacam as esquisitices dentro do familiar”. Em homenagem a essas reflexões estranhas, maravilhosas e às vezes profundas, aqui estão alguns dos melhores posts da semana passada:

Tetris is life. Mistakes pile up and achievements disappear. from Showerthoughts

If humans ever go to war with AI, we’ll have to send coded messages to each other in the form of CAPTCHAS from Showerthoughts

Cheese is just a loaf of milk. from Showerthoughts

Your skull doesn’t have a facial expression. Your flesh just moves around it. from Showerthoughts

Consistently skipping a song on your favourites list is kind of like realizing you don’t like a friend as much as you thought you did from Showerthoughts

Kids today will never know the excitement of going to blockbusters on a Friday after school to rent a vhs for the weekend from Showerthoughts

School is basically a recap of human history because we missed it and need to be caught up before we can function in society. from Showerthoughts

The saying "out of sight, out of mind", does not apply when you are in your room and catch glimpse of a spider and then lose it. from Showerthoughts

We take it for granted that the text messages we send aren’t showing up as something completely different on the other person’s screen. from Showerthoughts

In forty years, some of the recipes that we stole from food blogs will be known as "old family recipes" by our grandchildren. from Showerthoughts

Maybe those random sharp pains we all feel from time to time are our alternate reality counterparts dying or being killed. from Showerthoughts

The difference between a horror movie and a detective movie is whether is starts the night of or the night after. from Showerthoughts

A cactus is just a really aggresive cucumber. from Showerthoughts

A cup of water is a just a domesticated puddle. from Showerthoughts

You know it’s a serious connection problem when your ads are buffering. from Showerthoughts

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